Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Diora Baird | Golf Photoshoot Outtakes

Diora Baird Bikini Golf Photoshoot Outtakes — If these Diora Baird bikini pictures look familiar, that's because they are outtakes from a Diora Baird Maxim photoshoot from two years ago, but we only just found them now. And considering that there is nothing else going on today, and that it's Diora Baird, and she is the most incredible female creature in the universe, I figure you won't mind. If only Golf always looked this good.

I thought I’d end the week and kick off the weekend with these smoking hot golf-themed Diora Baird outtake pictures from her Maxim photoshoot so you can get better acquainted with her considering you’ll be drooling over her when she shows up as one of those sexy green alien girls in the upcoming Star Trek movie.


  1. hai
    these photographs are looking so qute

  2. will you hold my golf stick also baby? ;)