Saturday, March 1, 2008

Alyssa - Photoshoot

Alyssa Jayne Milano born December 19, 1972 is an American actress and former singer. She is perhaps best known for her roles as Samantha Micelli in the sitcom Who's the Boss?, Phoebe Halliwell on the supernatural series Charmed or via her new female apparel clothing line Touch. Recently, she has appeared in a recurring role on My Name is Earl.

Milano is an avid fan of tattoos, and has eight of them located in various areas of her body, including both wrists, both ankles, shoulder, neck, hip and lower back. Milano is also an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Milano was engaged to television actor Scott Wolf famous from Party Of Five in 1992, but he called it off before marriage. In 1999 she was married to rock singer Cinjun Tate for eleven months. She has also dated actor, Brian Krause, who co-starred with her in the series Charmed as Leo. [wiki]

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