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Pretty Rose Mcgown

Rose McGowan was born in Florence, Italy in 1975 and was raised in Italy on a commune of the Children of God cult. Her parents moved back to the United States when Rose was ten. They didn't want anything to do with American culture, however, and Rose had never spoken English until then. She had never seen a movie before either, and she wasn't even aware that movies and television existed. Her education was limited to "little schools where the kids laid around listening to Kurt Vonnegut." All the traditional education she recieved was from her mother. In spite of the atmosphere she grew up in, even from early on Rose was very un-hippie and never bought into that lifestyle. Rose left the commune when she was fifteen. She then worked in a variety of jobs, and often had to lie about her age to get them. She worked as a waitress, sales clerk, ticket taker and other minimum wage jobs. She was even forced to live on the streets for a while.

Rose McGowan Profile -

Name : Rose McGowan
Birth date : September 5, 1973
Birth place : Florence, Italy
Height : 5' 3''
Nationality : Italian
Profession : Actress, model

Rose McGowan Detailed Biography -

Her first acting opportunity was in 1992's Encino Man. After that, she waited another three years before being in another movie. Her next film was Gregg Araki's Doom Generation. Araki had met her outside a gym while she was in LA to attend arts school, and he decided to cast her in his Sundance entry. Although much of Rose's fame has come from her more commercial films like Biodome and Scream, most of her roles have been in independant films. While McGowan enjoys making movies, her first love is traditional art. Rather than creatin art (like her father), she would rather be a curator and revive museums. She feels that museums have become unfriendly to younger people, and dreams of opening them up so that the average person can connect with them.

Rose McGowan Trivia -
  • She was nominated for a 1996 Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance for her role as Amy Blue in THE DOOM GENERATION.
  • Blood red lipstick is her trademark.
  • Most of her boyfriends have been Jewish.
  • She was auditioned for the role of Lisa in GIRL, INTERRUPTED (1999).
  • She got the role of Amy Blue, in THE DOOM GENERATION, after Jordan Ladd pulled out.
  • She was a child model in Italy.
  • Mother is French and father is Irish.
  • WB announced that McGowan will be playing the new sister Paige Halliwell, on the TV series CHARMED. McGowen fills a space vacated by the departing Shannon Doherty, whose character, Prue Halliwell, has been killed off. (June 2001)
  • Told Howard Stern that she broke up with Marilyn Manson because she tired of the rock and roll lifestyle he engaged in.
  • When pressed further, she admitted that drug use was a big part of that lifestyle. (October 2001)
  • She has a tattoo of a pin-up girl on her right shoulder.
  • She knits, gardens, and collects Marlene Dietrich memorabilia.
  • Is set to make a return to movie screens - as a high-priced hooker.
  • In June 2001, Executive Producer of CHARMED (1998), Aaron Spelling announced Rose McGowan to play the part of Paige Halliwell, the long lost younger sister of Prue, Piper and Phoebe.
  • Her fiancĂ©, shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, has a cameo appearance in JAWBREAKER (1999).
  • Dyed her hair blonde in order to contrast her black hair from Neve Campbell's in SCREAM (1996)
  • Was raised in a cult her father ran in Italy called the Children of God Cult.


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  2. She is not only beauty, but she has a variety of talents. She deserves what she is earning.